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SEPCOIII’s human resource team has three distinctive features; first, middle management, senior executives and all technicians and engineers have experience in project execution; second, all senior executives have expansive international experience and a customer-first focus as the basis for all of their work; third, SEPCOIII’s core staff is a mix of well-educated, disciplined and patient professionals. Our core staff is proficient in a variety of languages and qualified in design, installation and logistics to support our clients with practical help to meet an challenge.

with over 3,900 talented employee, SEPCOIII owns potent HR reservation in power engineering sector, which is in line with the business expansion in terms of EPC projects management. In virtue of reasonable talent structure, SEPCOIII employee possess senior title of professional posts, with 168 times of Constructor qualification, 207 times of PMP certificate and 614 times of relevant senior titles. Aiming at talent localization, 767 Non-Chinese nationalities talents works for SEPCOIII’s global enterprises.