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Exihibition of Morocco Noor Project

2016-8-2 8:19:17

Morocco Noor Project is the biggest photo-thermal power plant of bowl-type and tower-type constructed by SEPCOIII firstly, and this project is highly focused and concerned by all domestics and oversea.

Since the start of this project, the project is executed around the arrangement of the company, strictly insists on the ideal “owners’ guidance” and the principle “the top is the interest of company”, deepens photo-thermal project control system construction, enhances all-world resources chain, and strictly implement process-control to push the project in order. For ensuring the project to be completed with high efficiency, the project coordinates with headquarter, makes systematic expediting work plan, mobilizes all domestic and oversea subcontract resources, organizes site construction in detail, the expediting atmosphere is created and pushed in the project.

The great pass seems unconquerable, but I'm determined to get through it step by step from now on! Facing the critical construction period, all staffs of Morocco Noor project will continue to carry forward the work style of “initiative, responsible and persistent” with the guidance and support of headquarter, keep on the traditional excellence that is to dare to make miracle, to be able to create miracle and to be good at creating miracle”, overcome difficulties, walk forward, strive for the excellence to ensure all tasks to be completed on time. The project will complete all construction and hand over a satisfied project to owner.