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National Development Bank and Longking Group Visits India Cuddalore Project for Survey and Instruction

2017-3-23 16:16:41

From March 19 to 21, National Development Bank Indian Region and Longking Group as well as Overseas Marketing Dept and Indian Regional leadership visited India Cuddalore project for survey and instruction. Vice president project Li Bingchun and related department managers made the reception and communication.

At 8:00 AM on March 19th, Zhang Longhua and Zhou Yangxu from National Development Bank Indian Region under the company of Li Bingchun visited the first phase of the project and the place of the second project. After the visit and with the introduction made by Mr. Li, both of them highly praised the good project performance and execution ability as well as the high-quality handover of the two units. After that, hold a meeting . Besides, both parties made a deep communication regarding the financing and cooperative model.

on March 21st, Longking Group Manager Chen Hualiang introduced the advanced technology in the areas of dust elimination transformation, FGD in detial and made a deep communication about co-bid of NLC FGD with the aspects of technology and ecomonic case and expressed the wish for the wide cooperation in Indian region.