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The Hydraulic Pressure Test of #1 Boiler in Saudi Yanbu Phase 3 Project was Completed

2017-12-3 08:23:48

At 4:11 AM of December 2nd, 2017, the hydraulic pressure test of #1 boiler in Saudi Yanbu phase 3 project was completed. And there was no leakage in the total of 3,4410 welding joints in the heating surface of the boiler. The owner, supervisor, ASME authorized surveyor and representative from GE factory have jointly witnessed the hydraulic pressure test, and gave high evaluation to the results of hydraulic test.

The working pressure of primary steam system was 28.48 MPa, and the test pressure was 42.72 MPa. The working pressure of the secondary steam system was 6.55MPa and the test pressure was 9.825 MPa. During the whole process of hydraulic pressure test, the lifting pressure rate all meet the design requirements, and there were no leaks discovered during the period of stabilized system. The system was stable when it was under overpressure. There is no leakage between the pressure components and valves of the heating surface of #1 boiler, the pressure parts had no deformation. The quality and other technical indexes all meet the requirements of ASME specifications.

In order to ensure the hydraulic pressure completed smoothly, the project department planned actively, organized scientifically, and arranged people to give inspection to the drawings on site, to ensure that all construction projects built according to the drawings. Boiler, testing, welding and other division work together uninterruptedly in 24 hours to ensure that the milestone point completed on time. Project department organized owner, supervision and GE factory to make inspection before the hydraulic pressure, actively solved problems found during the inspection, ensure the hydrostatic test completed smoothly with a good quality and security.

The success of the boiler hydraulic pressure test laid a solid foundation for the smooth operation of the following boilers, such as pickling, blowpipe and test.