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Two Projects of SEPCOIII Won the Prize of "Excellent China Overseas Engineering Campsites"

2017-12-6 08:20:53

The day before, at the three Council of the seventh Chinese foreign contractors chamber of Commerce and the 2017 annual meeting of the industry, SEPCOIII’s Pakistan Port Qasim 2×660MW Supercritical Coal-Fired Power Plant Project and Saudi Arabia Riyadh PP14 2122MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant Project are both won the prize of "Excellent China Overseas Engineering Campsites" .

This activity was organized by International Project Contracting&Labour Service Press CO.LTD. and Beijing Chengdong International Modular Housing Corporation, under the guidance of China International Contractors Association, aims to demonstrate the level of enterprise project management and humanistic care to the builders, creating excellent China construction enterprises in the "The Belt and Road" the overseas image, enhance the overall level of China's overseas project construction camp.

SEPCOIII’s projects which participated in competition both won the prize, that’s a powerful display of SEPCOIII has made outstanding achievements in the construction of the company's overseas camps. Scientific planning, function is complete, the environment clean and tidy, The award not only reflects the strength of the company's overseas projects, but also shows the SEPCOIII’s humanistic care for the overseas builders. Next, SEPCOIII will take the awarding project as a benchmark, improve the living standard of overseas projects, create a safe and comfortable living environment for overseas workers, as well as provide strong logistical support for project construction.