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SEPCOIII wins the contracts of Uzbekistan NAVOI 100M PV Project and Jordan DISI 24MW PV Project

2020-10-2 17:52:11

On September, SEPCOIII has successively signed the contracts of Uzbekistan Navoi 100MPV Project and Jordan DISI 24MW PV Project with Masdar and Jordan Water Authority.

The NAVOI Project is the first IPP power project of the Uzbekistan Government’s New Energy plan, with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a subsidiary ofthe World Bank, as the project consultant and financing support. The company acquired the project information at the first time, actively tracked the project progress, analyzed the competitive situation and finally successfully signed the EPC contract of the project. Jordan DISI 24MW PV project is located in DISI district, south Jordan. The project has direct current installed capacity of 33MWp and adopts double-sided photovoltaic modules with tracking bracket technology.

The signing of EPC contracts for the two projects opened up SEPCOIII's new national market, increased its overseas market performance and further demonstrated the strength of SEPCOIII brand.