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SEPCOIII wins EPC and O&M Contracts of Nabisir Vajihar Water Supply Project of Enertech

2020-10-10 16:17:38

On October 7, SEPCOIII won the EPC and O&M contractsof Pakistan Nabisar Vajihar Water Supply Project in Istanbul, Turkey. The Project sponsor is Enertech Holding Company, Kuwait, a wholly-owned subsidiary of National Technology Enterprises Company ('NTEC'), which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Kuwait Investment Authority ('KIA'), the sovereign wealth fund of the State of Kuwait. 

The project is located in Thar parkar region in Sindh Province of Pakistan. The project includes a raw water reservoir and a clear water reservoir at Nabisar, the start point, and 2 clear water reservoirs at Vajhair, the end point, the water treatment equipment, and the waterline of 60.7 km to connect the reservoirs at the two locations.

In addition, Enertech has also decided tosign operations and maintenance contract for the project with SEPCOIII. This will lay a solid foundation for a future strategic relationship between Enertech and SEPCOIII.