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SEPCOIII wins the contract of Yuneng Yanghuopan Project

2021-4-7 18:00:04

On April 6, SEPCOIII successfully won the contract of Yuneng Yanghuopan Integrated Coal-power Plant Section C Project.

The project site is located in the south of Yanghuopan coal mine area of Yuneng Group, Dianta Town, Shenmu City. It is the supporting power source of ±800kV UHVDC power transmission project between Northern Shaanxi and Hubei Province. It is a key project of Shaanxi Province.

The project plans to construct 2×660MW ultra-supercritical coal-fired air-cooled generating units, which are the world's first 660MW coal-fired air-cooled generating units that adopt natural ventilation and direct air cooling system. It is a revolution in industrial air-cooling technology and of great significance to the development of industrial air-cooling technology. After the completion of the project, it is estimated that the annual utilization hours will be about 5,500 hours, and the annual electricity generation will be about 7.2 billion kilowatt-hours, with considerable social and economic benefits.