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Ding Jie, first level Inspector of the Regional Opening Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, and Liu Qing, Charge d 'affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Bahrain, visited the Adu II project in Bahrain

2023-11-6 16:55:50

On November 5, Ms. Ding Jie, the first level Inspector of Department of Opening-up, National Development and Reform Commission, and five other leaders and Ms. Liu Qing, the Economic and Commercial Office of the Bahrain Chinese Embassy visited the stable operation of the Bahrain Al Dur Phase II project.

The project organized the meeting in the large conference room, and the project director Mr. Cao Shuping introduced the company’s business scope, development layout, and project situation in Bahrain, etc., and then everyone watched the company and the project video together. Mr. Cao Shuping said that as an internationally renowned EPC general contractor, relying on the national "Belt and Road" initiative, SEPCOIII continues to deepen the Bahrain market, and through the perfect performance of Al Dur Phase II project and the excellent execution of the Alba project, it has contributed Chinese wisdom and Chinese solutions to help alleviate local power shortages and achieve capacity upgrades.

After listening to the report, Ms. Ding fully affirmed and thanked SEPCOIII for its outstanding contributions and efforts to promote the development of the national "Belt and Road" strategy. She said that the excellent implementation of the Bahrain Al Dur Phase II project has established the highlight brand of Chinese enterprises in Bahrain and further demonstrated the good brand image of Chinese enterprises. She hopes that SEPCOIII will continue to deepen the construction and cooperation with Bahrain, strengthen the communication with the Chinese embassy and local media, and tell a good story of enterprise development while doing a good job in project construction, further enhance the influence and visibility of Chinese enterprises in Bahrain and create a good external environment for SEPCOIII to achieve sustainable development in Bahrain.

During the visit, the participants went deep into the Al Dur Phase II project to visit and further understand the overall situation of the project.