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[Media Focus] CCTV Chinese International Channel (CCTV-4) focuses on reporting on the company’s South African red stone project

2024-1-2 19:10:06

On December 30, the China Media Group Chinese International Channel (CCTV-4) broadcast the third episode of the documentary "25 Years of Youth - Sino-South Africa Friendly Cooperation Documentary" "Going to the Future Together", reporting the company’s EPC general contract of South Africa Red Stone CSP Project, to help South African people seize the power of "light" and ignite children’s yearning for science and technology, and injected new Chinese color and power construction energy for the beautiful "rainbow nation" .

The documentary "25 Years of Youth - A Documentary of China-South Africa Friendship and Cooperation", co-produced by China Media Group and South African Broadcasting Corporation, will be broadcast on China Media Group’s Chinese Language International (CCTV4) channel from December 28 to 30, 2023. Starting from President Xi Jinping fourth state visit to South Africa, the film presents the achievements of cooperation between China and South Africa in diplomatic, economic and cultural exchanges in a panoramic manner, vividly records the story of mutual benefit, people-to-people exchanges and mutual learning between China and South Africa, and tells the story of the workers of the two countries in the "Belt and Road" Initiative from strangers to familiar, from mutual understanding to tacit understanding, from cooperation to win-win.