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Zhao Qiming meets with Wang Zhigen

2024-1-11 20:41:35

On the afternoon of January 11, Zhao Qiming, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman, and General Manager of SEPCOIII, meets with Wang Zhigen, China Coal XinJi Power Co., Ltd., and Xu Jin, member of the party committee and deputy general manager of China Coal XinJi Power Co., Ltd. attended Meeting.

Zhao Qiming thanked China Coal Xinji Power Co., Ltd. for its continued trust and support. He introduced the basic situation of the POWERCHINA and the core competitiveness of the company’s solar thermal and seawater desalination technologies, and reviewed the company’s development history and international business layout. He said that as an international engineering EPC general contractor, the company actively serves and actively integrates into the national dual cycle development pattern, seizes the "three 80 million" strategic opportunities, uses the domestic market as an increment, and realizes the successful experience of domestic and foreign projects. Mutual reference and simultaneous development of domestic and foreign projects. SEPCOIII will give full play to its unique advantages and work with all parties to build quality projects while also providing China Coal XinJi Power Co., Ltd. provides a full range of services in thermal power, new energy, infrastructure and other fields, and jointly creates a new situation of high-quality development.

Wang Zhigen and XuJin extended a warm welcome to Zhao Qiming and his delegation, and introduced the industry overview, business layout, development plan and other aspects of China Coal XinJi Power Co., Ltd. He said that the SEPCOIII are strong in strength and have particularly rich overseas performance. The project of the Xinji Lixin and the Jiangxi Shangrao project under construction are progressing steadily, demonstrating high-level contract performance and project execution capabilities. He hopes that SEPCOIII In the follow-up work ensure resources, accelerate project advancement, successfully complete all milestones. We hope that the two parties will carry out multi-level and all-round in-depth cooperation to achieve new breakthroughs, obtain new highlights, and jointly write a new chapter.

China Coal XinJi Power Co., Ltd. and relevant SEPCOIII personnel attended the meeting.