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Wulanchabu Wind Power Base Honggeer No.4 Wind Farm Project were connected to the grid for power generation

2024-1-16 14:47:25

At 9:28 on January 15, all 96 wind turbines of Honggeer No.4 Wind Farm Project, the first phase of 6 million kilowatt demonstration project of Wulanchabu Wind Power Base, were connected to the grid for power generation, marking the successful realization of another important milestone node of the first batch of large-scale renewable energy parity demonstration projects undertaken by the New Energy Engineering Company.

Since the construction of the project started on June 6, 2022, it has been faced with objective difficulties such as seasonal frozen soil, extreme ice and snow weather at high altitude, continuous obstruction of herdsmen, and research and application of five new technologies such as intelligent power station in large wind power base. From project design, equipment procurement and supply, construction preparation, construction and installation, to technical research, equipment supervision, grid-connected commissioning, safe, stable and reliable trial operation of wind turbines, pre-acceptance and other links are strictly checked to ensure the efficient and high-quality completion of transportation, hoisting, electrical installation, power transmission and commissioning. Only 30 days after the first wind turbine was connected to the grid, all 96 wind turbines of the project were connected to the grid for power generation.