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Banking Syndicate And Top Management Meeting For S.Alam Poject Was Sccessfully Held

2016-1-18 15:24:43

     On 12nd Jan 2016, representatives from S.Alam Group, SEPCOIII, HTG and project financial advisor, legal counsel met Sinosure Shandong Branch in 19th Floor Meeting Room in headquarters. Insurance policy, insurance requirement and timeline were deeply discussed.

      On the morning of 13rd Jan 2016, OBD organized the syndicated meeting in 1st Floor Meeting Room of headquarters. Our vice president, Mr. Li Jie represented SEPCOIII attended the meeting, S.Alamg Group delegations, HTG representative, financial advisor, legal counsel and Sinosure Shandong Branch, CDB Shandong Branch, BOC Shandong Branch, CCB Shandong Branch, CMB Qingdao Branch, DB Qingdao Branch attended the meeting.

      On the afternoon of 13rd Jan 2016, Our vice present Mr. Li Jie received the guests from S.Alam Group in 1st Floor Meeting Room of headquarters, representatives of SPV Directors, PMD, S.ALAM Project Team, OBD, LAD and Huafeng attended the meeting. The next project development steps were discussed and agreed.

      On the afternoon of 14th Jan 2016, another syndicated meeting was held in Deloitte’s Beijing Office, CEXIM Headquarters, CCB Headquarters and BD Headquarters attended the meeting. Deloitte introduced the project information and progress, and answered lenders’ queries together with sponsors.

The success of the syndicated meeting and top management meeting between sponsors would give a boost to project progress.