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Core Ideology

Enterprise Mission

To build excellent projects, fulfill clients’expectations, highlight enterprise value and promote the welfare of society. 

Enterprise Vision

To be an incorporate enterprise group of investment, construction and operation,to play the leading role in global engineering EPC field.

Core Values

Integrity, Innovation, High-efficiency, Responsibility

                              Development Concept

Innovation, Coordination, Green, Openness and Sharing

                                     Tiejun Spirit 

Self-improvement, Persistence, Science and Transcendence

                              Working Style of Tiejun

Steely faith, Indomitable will, Strict discipline, Proficient skills, 

Resolute action, Perceptual invincibility

                                    Tiejun Ability

Excellent professional and technical ability,Fine commercial management ability,High organizational and coordination ability,Effective communication ability,Indomitable pressure fighting spirit

Management Principles

Robustness,  Rationality, Entrepreneurship,Win-win

Organizational Environment

Unity, Tension, Earnest, Activity

Strategic Thinking

Guiding Ideology

Close to the future development of the environment;

Close to the realistic future development of the enterprise.

Industrial Insight

The market competition will be increasingly fierce and cruel;

The external environment will become increasingly severe and complex;

Challenges and Opportunities coexist.

Core Competence

Decision-making capability and leadership of the entrepreneurial team;

Learning and innovation capability/ability of the entrepreneur and the leading team;

Executive ability of the leading team;

Ability to be an incorporate enterprise group of investment ,construction and operation.

Principles of Operation 

Marketing Concept

Market needs constant cultivation;
Market needs close monitoring because of its constant change;
Market needs foresighted analysis and understanding;

Market needs attention.

                      Commercial Management Concept

Commercial management throughout the whole process of enterprise operation;

Compliance is the prerequisite for commercial management;

Contract management is the basis of commercial management;

Risk prevention and control is the guarantee of commercial management.

Brand Concept

Brand is the external performance of the enterprise;
Brand is the key to open the door of market;
Brand needs continuous cherishing and care by all employees.

Development Concept

The company needs sustainable development;
Company's development should be in line with its internal capability and external environment;

Enhance competitiveness through continuous development;

Development should not come at the cost of the environment.

Project Management

Safety Concept

      Safety is the prerequisite of a company's survival and the safety manageme        nt is the core competence for the company;
      Safety is the best care to the employees;
      Safety can be controlled,and accidents can be avoided.

Quality Concept

Quality is the life of company, and its own self-esteem;
Constructing excellent projects are our permanent objectives;
Professional staff is the fundamental guarantee of quality.

Cost Concept

Cost control ability is one of the important abilities for market competition;
Cost control goes through the whole process of operation;
Establishing the red-line awareness of target cost.

Construction Time Concept

Construction time is one of the important indicators of a company to fulfill its contracts;
Construction time is the joint legal agreement of both contractual parties;
We should not sacrifice quality, safety and efficiency to shorten the construction time.